Do you have the cork tile flooring inside?

Cork is a natural material that has been used in construction for centuries.It is obtained from oak tree which is planted for commercial purpose. The oak trees are grown to harvest over layers of wood called bark, which is completed in the summer when the bark becomes loose from the trees. The process does not harm the trees, and the bark naturally completed its growing cycle in the back every 9 to 10 years.

It is popular in the United States as a flooring material due to its beauty and qualities.It prevents cracking.   Like other types of flooring, cork is available to create a “floating floor” that needs no glue. This quality makes pin popular.

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We know there are a many of cork flooring types. Some are better for the environment. Of course, some drawbacks of cork flooring products than other products. So, cork flooring has two types.

1. Traditional and natural cork flooring

Traditional cork floors are made only from cork with the addition of some creativity and finishes. This type of cork is available in glue-down tiles. In some cases, natural cork strips are cut directly from the tree, glued onto the subfloor.

This type of cork flooring provides patterns and textures which are identical to modern wood floor patterns.

2. Engineered cork flooring

Engineered cork flooring is modern cork. It has similar qualities to those all of the best engineered wood flooring available in the market. Like all other hardwood floor alternatives, engineered cork flooring is known as click-together flooring to help with easy installation. Glue-down and even peel-and-stick can be installed from engineered cork flooring.

Cork are available in cheap to heating wood floors due to its natural properties. Cork has a 3.0 R-Value per inch width that has same heating effect as a puffy jacket. Cork is a famous friendly environmental option you can buy. Hardwood trees require a long time period to reach maturity. And once they’re cut down, they are done. The main drawback of cork flooring is its behavior for UV damage.

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